What Is Flash Fiction?


Flash Fiction, also known as Postcard Fiction is a lot of things to a lot of people. But what is it really?

What Is Flash Fiction?

Flash Fiction is a story under 1,500 words. It’s part poetry, part narrative, flash fiction–also known as sudden fiction, postcard fiction, micro-fiction, short-short stories, and quick fiction—is a genre that is deceptively complex. At the same time, writing these short shorts can be incredibly rewarding.

Any writer worth their words will tell you it’s not easy to write and set up a short story. What do you put in it and what should you leave out? What do you leave up to the reader? When done right flash fiction can be amazing.

FYI, A 1,000-word story is about 40 pages double-spaced or 20 single-spaced.

Thirteen Tips For Writing Flash Fiction

Because you took the time to read this (and it’s not a story) here are some good tips on video on how to write a short story.

I notice she says stay out of the slush pile by keeping flash fiction 500-1,000 words long. Not everything is written in stone.

Let Me Hear From You!

Although I have many people following me it’s a quiet group that I never hear from which is different from my other sites. It’s hard to tell what my readers are thinking when I get no comments. Do you like my fiction? Which stories do you like? What should I write more of that you’d like to hear? Does my work suck? ;^p


A Day In The New World Order


Introduction: The New World Order won’t be televised.

The bad news just kept coming, at least until the news was taken over by the system and the citizens. The citizens named the movement The New World Order.

The internet was closed and countries merged as the banks, land and all personal wealth was taken and used for the good of the citizens. The stock market crashed decades ago. The population and workforce strictly controlled by implants and robot troops.

The implants were to be the answer to crime, to monitor health, to help the citizens find the trouble-makers and to help the poor. Everyone was positively encouraged to get one and before we knew it we were tagged and bagged.

When citizens tried to remove them they found out it was impossible. Removing them triggered an alarm that gave the location while delivering a poison into the bloodstream. The New World Order would show up immediately with robot troops to catalog and burn the body rounding up anyone nearby.

At first, people had spontaneous demonstrations in the streets worldwide. They fought back but soon every last person had an implant. There was no way they could win with so many obstacles in this new world. It was much better to be a citizen and pass the scans.

“Comply with the New World Order and the system renews itself,” was the rallying cry of the citizens and the movement. Loudspeakers around population areas would repeat this and other rules during daylight hours to remind us the rules weren’t to be broken.

Today everything was strictly regulated and controlled. No one had to work and supplies were metered out to all citizens equally. Citizens were allowed to trade what they had for something they needed but nothing was for sale. Everything was recycled, made or built in the work camps.

Only the citizens have unlimited fresh air, privacy, freedoms within reason, medical care and nourishment. Only the citizens thrive.

The rest are put in segregated work camps only given enough refiltered air and limited nourishment to do the work monitored by their implants. They live in large camps in cells with strangers, no windows, no privacy, no personal belongings, no socializing, just a life of servitude and slavery.

They have freedom. The freedom to live and work for the benefit of the citizens of the New World Order until they die. Because of this, they’re called the DEAD.

DEAD is a term for any citizen that doesn’t comply. If you break the rules your implant will glow red as an undesirable meaning you are marked DEAD. Once marked DEAD you lose all citizenship. You are assigned to a work camp to work for the betterment of the citizen’s who do comply.

“Comply with the New World Order and the system renews itself,” the loudspeakers cheerfully sing.

All day long instructions and rules play so citizens don’t forget.

“Turn in any citizens under 30 they are not legal! Sex with another citizen unless sterilized with the proper paperwork is banned due to population control. Everyone must be sterilized-there are no exceptions as there is limited room. You will comply.”

The New World Order has a leader. He was the richest man in the world and when everything changed he managed to stay on top. He had friends in the right places that gave him his power base including the robot troops he wields that power with. No one can stop him now.

As the populace dies off to make room for the true citizens he makes the rules to ensure the citizen’s safety and welfare. Because of him, the citizens have all the nutritious food, goods and fresh air the work camps can manufacture. Because of him,  we live a good life and the system renews itself.

“Personal digital devices and cell phones are illegal you will comply. Any citizens hoarding space, food, air, or medical supplies is a DEAD offense you will comply. Voicing free opinion is against the rules you will comply. Demonstrations and large crowds in free spaces will not be tolerated. When asked to be scanned you will comply. Comply with the New World Order and the system renews itself,” the loudspeakers cheerfully sing.

The citizens believe our fearless leader always makes the right decisions and without him and his wisdom, we would all perish. Without him and his robot troops, the overcrowded world would be complete chaos. Without the New World Order, mankind would be overpopulated and extinct.

I am a typical citizen of the New World Order, 64 years old, I follow the rules and would turn in my mother (if I had to.) I have it pretty well off as I don’t question anything. I got my implant right away and don’t rock the boat so when I ran into a large demonstration on this day I was shocked. I reported it right away with my implant as I’m sure other rule-abiding citizens did.

“Citizens remain where you are there is nothing to be afraid of,” the robots chanted as one as they stood firm under the polluted sky releasing a sleeping gas into the crowd.

The lead robot reported in, “The demonstrations will be over in 5 clicks as the citizen’s implants are activated. They will succumb to the gas in 3 clicks. They struggle to stay awake while most are dying from the poison.”

Not everyone would be poisoned by their implants in a crowd this big there would be some citizens caught by mistake. Their implants would wake them from the sleeping gas but they would have to comply and pass the scan.

The loudspeakers chimed in, “Medicine is only for the DEAD who can work and influential citizens with clout. You will not be DEAD on this day your bodies will be cataloged and burned on the spot making room for proper citizens and the DEAD as the system renews itself.”

Before I walked home I was surprised to see a neighbor in line waiting to be scanned. His clothes were disheveled and he looked like he was in shock. I was glued to the spot but aware that I shouldn’t be standing around in the open.

The robots stood reciting commands, “Don’t move until you are ordered to move, one at a time, wait in line and comply with the scan.” No one fought back now.

My neighbor stepped up to the scanner and extended his arm. I couldn’t bear to see the outcome so I turned my back heading home. It was much better to avoid stress and mind my own business like the good citizen I was.

“Comply with the New World Order, be marked DEAD, or die, whether you are working for us or making room for us, you will comply. Comply with the New World Order and the system renews itself,” the loudspeakers cheerfully sing.

I felt better already!

© Rebecca Sanchez 2018

5/19, FYI I tweaked this a few times since publishing it so you might want to read it again. It was a little rough for some reason it took time to write for such a short story.

This wasn’t a dream just an idea that grew from the artwork. It is a provocative work of art by Adam Marttinakis.

This is a rewrite from 2013 that I morphed into a beyond 2018 story. The New World Order has been talked about before and could never be, or could it?

Just One Taste


Introduction: Sometimes one taste is not enough. Then we can’t stop.

Just One Taste

I opened my eyes to beaded curtains and scanned the premises. I was in my apartment in San Francisco feeling alone and somewhat lost. Was this a dream?

“Ouch!” I pinched myself and it hurt. I needed some fresh air and decided to head outside to see what was going on.

I took the ancient elevator cage from the 4th floor down to the lobby. It was deathly quiet in the hallway and I saw no one. Opening the security gate to exit the building I was stunned at what I saw.

The sidewalks were gone and the streets flooded with water. The buildings were there but the city now looked like the Venice canals. Not that I’d ever seen them before except in pictures.

Everything was deathly quiet and this city is never silent. Confused birds were circling in the sky complaining loudly the only sounds and signs of life. I too felt like crying.

“We are coming for you! Get ready to get in the boat!” My head snapped towards the abrupt words as if a balloon on a string. Then I saw the vessel. It was some kind of a boat, actually more like a huge floating platform with a colorful tent-like city on the deck.

I tried to remain calm as I stood on my steps waiting. Glancing around nervously, I saw no one else the city looked deserted. My head was full of doubt while my senses continued to flounder.

The sun burst through the clouds as the boat bumped up against my bottom step. As if to try and confirm to me that I was not dreaming a large man stepped forward offering his hand, “Hurry up and get on!”

I looked behind him hesitating because the boat was already incredibly full and not one more person could possibly fit.

“Is there enough room for me?” I managed to stutter. “Surely another boat will come along?”

“No one else is coming! They flooded the city to group us together this is all that’s left.” He sounded very sure of that fact as he picked me up like an overstuffed chair putting me onboard.

I was now standing on the deck along for the ride good or bad with more questions. I couldn’t believe it, once on the boat, it was huge! More like a city than a boat with people everywhere, doing everything.

I walked into a circus-like tent my eyes still adjusting to the light when I heard someone scream, “We’re being attacked!”

I looked around trying to ascertain WHO was doing the attacking, WHO was getting attacked and WHO I was with now when I felt someone pulling my sleeve.

I looked down to see a very large blue insect. It seemed to be trying to get me to look at a box on a table. The insect was 4 feet tall with compound eyes and tiny wings.

“Just one taste,” it said pointing the bottom half of its segmented body straight up into the air. It rubbed its back feet together making a loud very annoying sound and I saw something spray into the air.

“Just one taste.” And just as quickly as it appeared it was gone leaving the box behind on the table.

Confused as I was about everything looking at the box made me feel so amazing! I was relaxed and no longer cared about the bug, today or how I got here. It was beautifully colored giving off a sort of warm glow and I swore it was breathing. I just knew it wanted me to open it!

I slowly touched it feeling faint and nauseous for a second or two just like mainlining a drug. I didn’t care about anything but opening that fascinating box. I hesitated for a moment thoughts rushing through my addled brain.

How did I get to this point and was this a dream or had I finally lost all reason? I didn’t know at the moment I just really wanted to open that fabulous box.

There was a large colorful button on the box that glowed with bright colors every time it pulsated. As soon as I pushed it I knew I had done the right thing! I felt a current run through my finger into my body…

It was still happening when I heard someone scream, “We’re being attacked!”

Not again! Just then, the feeling intensified in my body and I heard that awful sound, that annoying insect sound startup as the box groaned softly popping open.

A brilliant light came from the inside of the box and then tiny blue bugs poured out of it. They looked like the insect I saw earlier and as they escaped the box they quickly grew to the same size.

The drugged feeling was quickly wearing off suddenly there were people rushing everywhere. It was almost comical seeing the 4-foot tall blue bugs chase and run them down.

“What did you do to us?” A nearby woman screamed as a bug brought her down right in front of me.

They couldn’t fly with those tiny wings but they could scramble in any direction with 8 legs. It held her down extending a sharp beak to puncture the skull with getting at the brain inside. The blood poured out of her mouth as she finally stopped struggling.

I looked back at the table now holding a large hatched egg-like thing. I couldn’t believe what I had done! These people stopped to pick me up and I betrayed them. The effect of the insect wore off and I was horrified!

Bugs were everywhere trapping people and eating their brains leaving the rest of the body behind like so much waste. Everywhere I turned people were dead and dying that awful insect sound in the air amongst the screaming and gore.

I felt my sleeve being pulled again and turned to face the same blue bug I saw just minutes earlier. I didn’t know this as a fact I just had a feeling it was the same very large blue insect. It almost looked as if it were smug and smiling.

“This is just a dream you know. You can’t hurt me I’ll just wake up.” I had no idea if this was true and it sounded weak even to me as I said it.

It quickly grabbed and trapped me with its legs as I saw myself held there, reflected hundreds of times in its compound eyes.

“Just one taste!” Not even a thank you as it cracked my skull painfully ripping into my brain.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2018

Artwork by kyttenjanae (screen name) a wonderful GIF file animator I like. You can find her work easily online.

Many times I have dreams that end up in my stories. In this case, the dream is most of the story. I had a hard time deciding how to end it because as we all know, most dreams are mere segments and leave us hanging.

This was a quick write I hope you like it I realize it’s a strange one. I like to get comments good or bad it helps.

Stealing The Night


Introduction: These days you need to watch what people want from you.

The beautiful girl dressed in bright colors sat near her painted wagon under the full moon humming an old gypsy tune. It was a quiet night by the lake the weather was clear and all was peaceful.

Her humming grew louder as she got to her feet dancing hypnotically to the strange tune. The man in the moon got curious and moved closer to watch.

A log exploded in the campfire sending up bright embers illuminating her loveliness. The man in the moon approved. The stars were also drawn to her charms crowding together to see her better.

The moon attempted to outshine these stars showing his displeasure at sharing her as the other curious planets and heavenly bodies drew near. There was a static electricity in the air as sheets of glowing northern lights moved through the charged sky.

Suddenly, the girl began to sing a wordless song her voice alluring and soothing. She danced slowly, almost sexual as she spun around and around. The moon’s surprised face quickly turned to rapture as he glowed happily. He wanted, no, needed more.

Hearing her song the stars answered by shining their brightest vying for attention as the planets moved closer to see. The whole sky was alive with heavenly bodies gathering and crowding over her tiny campfire.

Her cart-horse was tied to the wagon watching with stars in its eyes. Being a horse, it didn’t have many unique thoughts on this night but did believe that something was very different with the sky.

The sky had never been like this! The darkness of the night washed away by the light of the sun reflected more times to count. Combined, it was a dazzling light.

Bare-footed in the soft sand the girl ended her song bending down to pick up an ancient ornate bottle she had hidden behind a rock. Pulling the gemstone stopper she said a few words in an ancient tongue. In moments, the whole sky was empty as she ended the spell sealing the bottle.

The moon, stars, planets-everything in the night heavens were pulled into the enchanted bottle and collected. The surrounding woodlands and lake shrunk with fear after witnessing the evil magic.

The girl smiled in the resulting darkness revealing a missing front tooth and set the bottle aside preparing to break camp. As she busied herself she could see the colors flashing inside.

She hitched her horse to the colorful wagon that was her home ready to depart. The girl carefully checked the bottle, labeling it and storing it in a wooden crate with the others.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2014, rewritten 2018

I like to write about images. You can get so much from one picture whether you write about the whole image, a part of it, a shape or color in it, or whatever your muse sees, I think it’s always interesting. If I can’t get a story out of a picture I will write a poem. This ditty was written about this image and I find so many to use from Google image searches.