Above: Me and my 30 year-old Schwinn World Tourister.

I’m a writer of flash fiction, short stories, and poetry. I live to write, create art of all kinds, read and ride my bicycle. Music keeps me grounded. If you like my work it makes it all worthwhile. I live in the Bay Area in California and my friends call me Bekkie.

I’m a health nut who rides my bicycle every other day, gets 7 1/2 hours of sleep every night and watches what I eat. I haven’t always been this way, I finally got smart and tired of feeling bad. When I’m healthy I don’t have time for bad feelings or depression. I’m 62 and have never felt better. Good health is just a matter of doing what it takes and is so worth it.

I started writing short stories and poetry in grade school. I do research on almost everything I write about. I feel it’s good to know your subject and no matter how much I know about something I can always learn more.

I have been blogging for decades and feel it’s a good way to learn how to be a better writer. It improved my writing and I feel comfortable writing about anything. I am an electronics technician (retired) and like technical writing too. I spend a lot of time writing and totally enjoy it.

I love to read and go through books quickly. I read before bed every night. I prefer fiction but I like it all.

I was interviewed on Poets United by Sherry Blue Sky she asked me some great questions about my life and interests. It has a lot of info about me and pictures if you’re interested.

I enjoy writing with various groups of poets weekly. It keeps me sharp and sometimes if a poem doesn’t come to me for a prompt I’ll write a story. As an artist, I like images and will often find an image I like and write a story about it. I write about and do my own art and animation too.

I hope to publish my first book of poetry this year and am working on a collection of flash fiction stories for a book. I’m also working on my first novel about my father’s murder which is a long way from being done. All labors of love.

Please visit my other sites.

My very first website is a potpourri of articles and artwork to enjoy where I learned everything about blogging: Bekkie In Wonderland
If you like poetry drop by and read mine: Capricious Poet
My site where I talk about health, biking and show off my photographs taken on the Bay Trail: Bike With Bekkie
The astronauts have a unique outlook of our planet after seeing it from space: The Overview Effect

Don’t be shy, I love to get comments or just say hello! When someone visits any of my places I go and check them out. I’ve been blogging for decades like to network and make new friends.